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Automatic solution


The manual handling of ice represents large problems in work processes. This problem is solved by automatic systems for dosing ice in processes.



What are the advantages of automatic systems?

  • Improvement in hygiene:
    The ice is not moved by hand; parts of the system are sealed which avoids foreign objects getting in.
  • Productivity gains:
    Work flow times can be reduced by faster addition of ice and more efficient cooling.
  • Easier to handle:
    Here ergonomics is the key term. Tiring shovelling and carrying of ice is no longer necessary, and work conditions are considerably improved.
  • Reduction in personnel costs:
    Working time is saved due to the easy handling of ZIEGRA ice.
  • Quality control:
    our units are linked into your process control systems, errors are avoided as far as possible by automation. The amount of ice used can be displayed, which provided a high degree of transparency.    


ZIEGRA ice systems are constructed from modules according to your individual requirements and are thereby orientated to your special area of application. The following dosing systems can, amongst others, be used:  


  • ZIEGRA IceStation: Easy to handle
    This system consists of an ice machine and an ice container on a base frame for easy removal of ice at any desired capacity. The pre-production of large amounts is possible, and the handling made easier by an insulated transport cart. The ZIEGRA IceStation can be used for example in fish shops, for goods displays and at food-processing sites.  


  • ZIEGRA IceSupply: Ice dosing systems (without transportation)
    The ZIEGRA IceSupply is ideal for the automatic removal of ice from pre-produced ice. Every size of machine is considered. The ice silo (500 - 20,000 kg) has an automatic removal system. On the press of a button the ice is transported from a removal coil e.g. into a transport cart. When expanded with a weighing unit and PLC controller system the semi-automatic system becomes fully-automatic and the ice is added directly to the work process, e.g. at wrapping or production sites for filling fish boxes. Or in bakeries for loading kneading basins and cutter carts as well as filling boxes when packing vegetables.  


  • ZIEGRA IceDynamic: Ice dosing systems (with transportation)
    A complete system with weighing and PLC controller like IceSupply, but also with the transportation of the ice, e.g. by pneumatic or coil transport. This makes the location independent from the place of application. The system is designed for serving several consumers and connection to a process control system for dosage control. Recommended for use in bakeries with several kneading lines, for automatic-loading in sausage factories or in chemical processes.


  • ZIEGRA StreamIce® systems: Flowing ice
    The fastest possible dosing and cooling with flowing ice for several, even separate consumption points with simple technology: ZIEGRA StreamIce systems meet the highest demands on precision and flexibility. They combine the advantages of ice and cold water: high, extremely fast cooling and easy dosage. Depending on the requirement, StreamIce® can be made from salt or fresh water. It is kept homogenous in a stirring container and on demand is pumped to the consumption points. A flow meter and insulated ring pipes provide exact dosing and efficiency. For immediate cooling of fish (also on trawlers) or for loading dough at bakeries, as well as for container cooling in a double shell.    


Contact us! We will determine your requirements, and design - together with you - a system to suit you.  

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