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Containerized Ice Plants

Containerized block ice plant

Daily output from 3.500 to 10.000 kg 


The Block Ice Plant is plug-ready and built for tropical conditions and coastal climate. 

The plant consists of a 40´ Container, according to ISO, PVC-coated with the following integrated equipment: 


Machine Room

Machine Compartement


housing the cooling units for ice production and the ice storage and the electric control panel.
Ventilation of the aircooled condensers through rear doors and openings in side panels, covered by wire mesh. Checker plate floor.



Automatic refilling of the ice cans

Easy ice harvest by means of an overhead-crane

ice harvest

storage room

ZIEGRA Block Ice Plant


All parts in contact with brine or water are of stainless steel, galvanized or effectively anti-corrosion treated. The brine-bath is fully insulated and covered by removable panels.


The ice-cans are of stainless-steel, their thick sides (1,5 mm) withstand even rough handling. The Ice is harvested with the aid of an electric overhead crane with push button control. Strong heating elements in the thawing bath ensure that the blocks detach quickly from the cans. The blocks then slide smoothly through an aperture into the ice storage room. 


Simultaneous refilling of a frame with eight cans ensures equal filling height of the cans.
The freezing cycle takes about 8 hours, corresponding to three continuous harvests per day, the basis of the indicated daily capacity. 




Ice Store


Built from panels with 120 mm PUR insulation, internal surface stainless steel. 
Walls and floor are watertight jointed. 
Lighting and drains for melt-and cleaning water are included. 
Ice delivery through a removable hatch. 


Ice blocks, standard sizes are:

12,5 kg  = 15 x 13 x 70 cm
20    kg  = 25 x 13 x 70 cm
25    kg  = 30 x 13 x 70 cm

These blocks allow easy handling, they are neither too long, nor too heavy. 
Other sizes/weights on request.

Product Range


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