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About ice

Block ice

Block ice is hard ice which has been thoroughly frozen and sub-cooled, in blocks of different sizes. 

  • available in blocks of 25, 20 and 12.5 kg
  • for long storage or transport periods
  • high cooling capability
  • ideal for retail sale
  • robust production process in a brine bath, no mechanical parts are used in the production of ice  


Block ice has to be initially crushed before being used on fish or other goods to be cooled. This could lead to sharp edges or a high percentage of snow-ice.


Although block ice is often replaced by ready-for-use chip ice or other types of ice, it is particularly suitable for use in certain situations:

  • for storing the ice for long periods without refrigerated rooms, particularly in warm countries.
  • if the ice needs to be transported over long distances, but no refrigerated vehicles are available.

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