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Sauna & Spa

Chip ice - the perfect ice

Due to the ideal ice temperature of -0.5° C, ZIEGRA chip ice feels agreeably soft on the skin. It does not have any sharp edges and always stays loose and easy to dispense, and never freezes together.


There are many ways of using ice in a sauna, spa, swimming pool or thermal bath :


  • as a  tingling and quick cooling down of hot skin after sauna
  • as an effective refreshment during a sauna- infusion 
  • as an additive to a cold water pool. The ice perfectly cools down the water
  • using ice during massage (ice therapy)


Options of presentation:

There are a number of different possibilities to present the ice in sauna facilities:

  • in ice fountains, ice basin, or an ice grotto
  • a shower sprinkling soft ice particles on the  guest
  • We would be glad to realise your ideas


What ice type?

Depending on the application, select from different ice types. Most suitable for cooling of the skin are MicroIce and StandardIce.


We will definitely find the best solution for you. We appreciate your inquiries.

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