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ZIEGRA's ice age began more than 60 years ago

The company ZIEGRA was founded as a distribution and service company for ice machines imported from the USA. It began as a classical general importer for these machines, which were unknown in Germany at the time: In the first year one machine was purchased, in the second year two, and from there it took off.
The first German machines, developed by ZIEGRA, were constructed by DWM-Copeland.
The von Rohr family joined the company. Expansion of machine sizes to up to 4,000 kg daily output. At the lower range, laboratory ice machines with an output of 30kg were introduced, and to date they are still the smallest ice machines in the world.
Foundation of a subsidiary in Great Britain, which ZIEGRA owns 80% of and is run by a local partner.
Development of the first container ice plant upon customer request and in connection with the construction of a modern fishery in Somalia, following the "Landshut" plane hijacking.
Relocation of production to Isernhagen, to the north of Hannover. The founder of the company, Mr. Ziegra, leaves the company.
In 1992 a subsidiary was founded in Spain, which is also run by a local partner.
and from 1979 to today: new and further developments in trawler ice machines, automatic ice silos, automatic dosing systems, liquid, pumpable StreamIce® from salt or fresh water.
Expansion of production and administration buildings.
The second generation takes over the share of one of the family partners, which now essentially runs the company.
ZIEGRA starts using natural refrigerants for ice machine and pioneering in the field of environmentally friendly ice machines.
Decision to build a new factory and move the company to Kirchhorst (Isernhagen/Hannover), scheduled for 2019.

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