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Supermarkets & department stores

What ice should be used for your goods displays?

The selection of the correct type of ice is of vital importance in the presentation of fresh goods such as fish and sea food.  


It depends on the goods:  

The ice makes sure:

  • that the correct background is created - a soft, lightly-structured layer of ice emphasise the colours and the form of the filet, whole fishes or shell fish. 
  • that it is possible to angle the goods towards the customer and make a model on the presentation area
  • that the fish is received fresh, i.e. cold, moist and undamaged 


The ice therefore must have a range of characteristics: 

  • the individual pieces should have an appealing colour and form 
  • it should be suitable for modelling the display, i.e. it should not slip
  • it should emit sufficient moisture, to keep the fish fresh and to rinse off secretion
  • it must not be too cold, so that it does not freeze onto the fish and the fish itself is not frozen
  • it must be soft and not have sharp edges so that the filets are not damaged
  • it should keep for a long time, i.e. the pieces must be large and thick enough to ensure that they do not have to be refrozen regularly
  • it should remain loose and not freeze together, so that the appearance remains for a long time, and damage to the fish is avoided when removing it from the ice.


Do not forget: you have to create a new ice bed each morning. That means: the main amount of ice must be available in the morning; it is therefore produced overnight and stored in a bin. It is therefore particularly important, that the ice does not freeze together in storage.


Both chip ice and flake ice are regularly used for goods displays in supermarkets. Chip ice, however, has more of the required characteristics: with its temperature of -0.5°C and the different possible grains it combines storability, softness, mouldability and long durability. In addition the appearance of chip ice is excellent for product presentations.  


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