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Ice Machine

ZIEGRA Ice Machines

ZIEGRA offers a wide variety of Ice Machines with a large range of available capacities (production in kg/24h).

Plug-and-play compact Ice Machines are available in capacities between 30 bis 12.500kg/24h. Ice Machines with 150 kg/24h capacity and more, are also available with a remotely installed condenser or refrigeration unit. Ice Makers for integration into existing multi-compressor refrigeration systems are available starting at a capacity of 150 kg/24h.

For larger capacities and complete Ice Factories, please contact us.

Ice machines from ZIEGRA are

  • Extremely reliable with proven guaranteed production capacities
  • Always technologically designed according to the latest
  • Durable with a long-term maintenance of value
  • Highly hygienic 
  • Environment-friendly due to the closed refrigeration cycle without moving parts
  • Variety of available Ice Types (MicroIce, StandardIce, MacroIce, NuggetIce, etc.) makes ZIEGRA Ice Machines suitable for many different applications 


Integration of ZIEGRA Ice Machines in your Project 

Ice Machines from ZIEGRA are designed for continuous operation 24/7 under most challenging environmental conditions. According to the integration requirements of our customers, the integration of our Ice Machines is individually planned and customized upon request. Ice Discharge into integrated Ice Storages, supplied Ice Tubs or existing insulated cooling rooms or even the full integration into production processes including automatic dosing – ZIEGRA has the most suitable solution for your project.      



The closed design (closed water cycle) of our Ice Machines minimizes bacterial contamination. This makes our Ice Machines most suitable for all applications in the food industry. Please contact us for more information.   



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