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Meat Processing – Slaughter houses

Ice for meat processing

ZIEGRA Ice Machines:

Ice for meat processing, offals, entrails, hides, as well as poultry


Ideal ice temperature of -0,5°C

  • Always easy handling
    the ice does not freeze together.
  • Excellent ice quality
    not too hard and no sharp edges, thus also preserving the cutter blades.
  • Fast and even cooling
    as the ice does not form lumps it provides a homogenous temperature for your quality meat products.  


Automatic Solutions 

  • Ice silos with automatic dosing
    Weighing and dosage manually at the touch of a button, or by your processing system.
  • Conveying system
    ice transport directly where it is required.
  • Liquid (StreamIce®) from fresh or salt water
    dosing directly into the cutter, by manual or automatic control.  


Made in Germany   

  • Maximum hygiene
    due to closed water circuit, and easily operated flushing and cleaning options.
  • Safe cooling circuit (Freon)
    no rotating parts in cooling circuit.
  • Continuous quality control at ZIEGRA
    to secure a long operating life.  
  • All models
    compact machines, with split condenser or condensing unit, standard or special designs.
  • Guaranteed capacity
    even at high ambient temperatures.
  • Minimum 15 years guarantee
    on availability of spare parts.