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Fruit & Vegetables

Ice for fruit and vegetables (e.g. broccoli and asparagus)


  • Freshness
    The ideal ice temperature of -0.5°C keeps broccoli fresh and prevents blossoming. With asparagus, freshness is guaranteed from the field and during transportation to the customer.
  • Ideal for transportation, sales and deliveries
    quality goods for an optimum sales price.
  • Long durability
    The ice thickness of up to 9.5 mm guarantees that your vegetables arrive covered in ice, even if your customer is a long distance away.  



  • Complete program
    daily output of 30 to 10,000 kg
  • Flexible solutions:
    Machines adjusted to the conditions at their location, e.g. with separate condensers
  • Tropical version
    guarantees output even at surrounding temperatures of 35°C
  • Suitable storage
    from simple ice carts to silos with automatic discharge.  


Made in Germany:

  • Constant quality checks at ZIEGRA
    for the long durability of the machine.
  • Optimal hygiene
    due to a closed water system
  • Closed cooling system,
    therefore no leaks due to rotating parts.
  • Guaranteed performance
    even under high surrounding temperatures
  • Guaranteed consumption
    production costs less than 0.02 €/kg
  • Spare parts - guarantee
    for at least 15 years