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Health Care / Physiotherapy

Health Care / Physiotherapy & Ice

Fresh, cool Ice for health care


Treatments with Ice


ZIEGRA Chip Ice is gentle and kind to the skin with an ideal temperature just below 0°C. It is used in different areas of health care and physiotherapy:


    • physical therapy
    • rehabilitation
    • cryotherapy
    • ice packs
    • cool packs
    • ice baths
    • sports medicine


    The enhanced use of Ice in physiotherapy allows for the best available gentle skin cooling.
    Ice therapy is used in human and veterinary medicine as well as human and animal health.
    The development of new and innovative treatments with Ice is especially enhancing animal health care for sports (race horses, race dogs, etc.) as well as other areas.



    • Regeneration during & after competition phases
    • Animal health
    • Relaxation
    • detumescence
    • Medical SPA
    • Wellness
    • Heath Care
    • DNA cooling with ice
    • RNA cooling with ice
    • PCR cooling with ice


    ZIEGRA Ice Machines Health Care / Physiotherapy

    • Always fresh, hygienic, gentle Ice
    • Reviving & refreshing, always soft & free flowing
    • Ice Machines for laboratories, hospitals, doctors’ practices and surgeries, physiotherapy, wellness SPAs, rehabilitation centers, etc.
    • Plug-and-play delivery
    • Easy installation & simple connection to water and power
    • Latest ZIEGRA IceTechnology. Made in Germany
    • Economical and future oriented

    Direct contact
    Phone: +49 - (0) 511-90244-0