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Sauna & Spa

Hygiene in the sauna

You wouldn't want to attach a sign to your ice fountain, stating "Not for human consumption", would you?
Definitely not!


Our technicians could effectively support you in meeting general and specific hygiene regulations. Of course we cannot completely replace them.


Please see our "Hygiene guideline" for detailed information.


The basics in brief:

  • Daily cleaning of ice discharge tube and ice basin
  • Dispose of unused ice
  • Do not use stale water for ice production
  • Select any of our HygienePLUS options


or ask us for advice.


HygienePLUS options:


  • HygienePlus - Water drain
    automatic water drain when ice production stopped
  • HygienePlus - Flushing system
    automatic flushing of the water circuit at any chosen time
  • HygienePlus -  Flushing with disinfection
    automatic flushing with disinfection of the water circuit at preset times
  • UV sterilisation
    reliable sterilisation of the supplied water