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Machine assortment

Machine assortment

In the first stage you should calculate the amount of ice that you need for your display. Here the surface of the display and the desired height of the ice are decisive (normally: 10-15 cm). To the right you will find a calculator which will help you determine the correct ice machine for your ice requirements.  


The total of the calculator gives you the choice between ice production on 1 or 2 machines (standard or double) as well as, where possible, a choice between the 20° and 35°C version (explanation). It takes into account the fact that the ice is recreated every day and a certain amount is needed for re-freezing and for the fish storage overnight.


Storage and ice transportation  

In the morning a large amount of ice has to be available for the ice bed of the display. In order to achieve this, the machine should produce ice at day and night, which has to be stored in a suitable bin (or ice cart).  


In order to guarantee the quality of the ice after longer storage, the storage capabilities should be observed. Due to the ideal temperature of -0.5° C, chip ice can also be stored for a longer period of time without freezing together. Scale ice on the other hand, freezes together over a long period of time. As a result a larger machine is required, which produces the same amount of ice in the shortest possible time.  


Every morning the ice has to get to the display. The more ice is needed, the more attention should be paid to ice transportation. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.  


Important points for the selection of the correct storage and transportation solution are:


  • How much ice is needed?
  • Under what conditions is the ice stored (refrigerator room)?
  • How far is the distance from the place of storage to the display?
  • How much space is available?
  • What are the investment costs compared to the handling costs?  


Heat emission and cooling  

Ice machines produce heat, which is emitted via the condenser. The following options can be considered for this:


  • Compact air-cooling: Requires room ventilation
  • Remote air-cooling: Separate condenser, positioned for example on the roof
  • Compact water-cooling: for connection to a cold-water system
  • Ice maker: for connection to existing cooling units  


Positioning of the ice machine  

The following points have to be clarified before making a decision on the positioning:


  • The area surrounding the display
  • Desired storage and handling system
  • Ventilation
  • Space limitations
  • Accessibility for installation and service, including cleaning  


Avoid installing your ice machine in a refrigerator room, as it emits heat which warms the room. This also applied to the ice maker with a separate condenser. In a refrigerator room, even one with a temperature above 0°C, the room condenser emits cooled-air below 0°C. If this air comes into contact with the ice machine or the ice output then the ice machine can freeze, which can cause production losses and defects to the machine.


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