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Refrigerant CO2

CO2 - environment friendly refrigerant

The refrigerant CO2 (R744 - carbon dioxide) is used more and more on the food sector. At present supermarkets are increasingly installing ice makers for connection to a CO2 refrigeration system. The same development can also be observed in other industries as well.


CO2 as refrigerant has two important advantages :


  • Low environmental impact: ozone depletion = zero ODP, and global warming potential of only GWP = 1  (compared to R134a  with GWP = 1430)   

  • Efficiency: due to physical facts, a CO2 refrigeration system mostly has a considerably higher efficiency factor, compared to other refrigerants. Therefore the same ice capacity may be produced with less energy (improved COP).


ZIEGRA is respected world-wide for its environmental-friendly ice makers. In the course of this philosophy we have developped and brought to the market this new line of CO2 ice makers.


ZIEGRA ice makers ZBE 350 EV to ZBE 10.000 EV with a daily capacity from 350 kg up to 10.000 kg are covering the requirements for ice of many different applications. They are specially designed for the future-oriented technology of a CO2 refrigeration system.

We anticipate your inquiries and would be glad to offer you the perfect solution for your projects!

N.B.:  The capacity you have in mind is not listed here? Please don't hesistate to contact us. Our product range is extended continuously.

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