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Sauna & Spa

Sauna & Wellness & Ice

ZIEGRA ice machines: Chip ice for your ice fountain



  • Large selection
    Ice production 70, 150, 250, 350 kg and more.
  • Optimum hygiene
    due to closed water circuit and automatic flushing and cleaning functions.
  • Special "Sauna" ice discharges
    Ice distribution directly into the ice fountain, wooden tub, basin, etc.
  • Turnkey models
    Machines ready-to-connect, available for reduced space
  • custom-made solutions
    Machines to suit your requirements, e.g. with remote condenser
  • Guaranteed capacity
    even at high ambient temperatures, e.g.  by water cooling
  • Environmentally friendly ice makers
    leakproof refrigeration circuit without rotating parts
  • Strict quality control
    for a long life span of  the machine
  • Made in Germany
    according to highest quality standards
  • Supply of spare parts
    guaranteed for minimum 15 years
  • Satisfied customers
    For quite some years, many well-known thermal baths, spa complexes, saunas, hotels and luxury ships rely on ZIEGRA Ice Machines

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