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About ice



StreamIce® is also known as liquid ice or flow-ice.


It is a pumpable, liquid ice from salt or fresh water for fast cooling and easy dosing.


  • diverse ice density of 15 - 55% ice content for every possible type of application 
  • the smallest ice crystals dissolve straight away and provide extra-fast cooling
  • large surface contact, which leads to equal cooling
  • hygienic and comfortable dosing via pumps and pipes
  • easy distribution to different areas of application
  • the static evaporator avoids refrigerant leaks
  • the robust design makes the machines extremely reliable


StreamIce® is particularly useful for the fast cooling of products like fish or the temperature control of mixing processes.

Due to its water content it is less suitable for storage, as it has a lower overall cooling capacity than chip ice, for example.

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