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Trawler Ice Machines

Ice machines for on-board installation


The reliable ZIEGRA trawler ice machines have been in service on board ships for over 30 years. The ice does not have to be brought in from land, but rather can be produced on site as required when fish are caught.


Your benefits with ZIEGRA trawler ice machines:

  • Easy operation
  • Robust design suitable for use on high seas
  • All components are made of high-quality stainless steel and saltwater-proof
  • Cooling with seawater
  • Ice production from seawater or freshwater
  • Our “3 in 1” machine - three types of ice from one machine
  • Individual complete solutions: Storage and pump systems available for StreamIce.

Three types of ice machines are recommended for installation on trawlers:

  • UBE: for the production of chip ice from freshwater
  • SWE: for the production of chip ice from fresh or seawater
  • SI: for the production of StreamIce® (liquid ice) from seawater

SI "3 in 1"

Combines the production of all three types of ice in one machine – the required type of ice can be produced by a simple setting.



The machines are delivered ready for connection to electricity and water supplies. A high voltage connection and a pump to supply the trawler machine with seawater are required. A connection to a water tank is required if the machine is to produce ice from freshwater. The water quantity required for ice production corresponds to the required quantity of ice (e.g. 150 l of water = 150 kg of ice).


Selection of the right type of ice


Chip ice from freshwater

has the ideal temperature of -0.5 °C, and is therefore particularly gentle to fish. Due to its irregular structure, the ice always remains loose and easy to handle. It never freezes together. ZIEGRA crushed ice has no sharp edges, and therefore cannot damage the fish that are being cooled. It is ideal for the extended storage of high-quality fish.

More about crushed ice
Chip Ice


Chip ice from saltwater

The temperature of saltwater ice is approx. -7 °C. It cools the fish quickly and intensively. Due to the salt content, ice made from saltwater is softer than flaked ice, and has no sharp edges. The fish is not damaged.
The unlimited supply of seawater can be used for ice production. The trawler ice machine is designed for heavy-duty use, and copes easily with different salt contents.


Saltwater StreamIce® (liquid ice)

Depending on the density of the ice, the temperature of StreamIce varies between -2 °C and -3 °C. Due to its liquid form, it guarantees complete enclosure of the fish, and is therefore particularly expedient for rapid cooling. The ice density can be varied between 15 and 55%, depending on the intended use. The higher the density, the more suitable the ice is for the storage of fresh fish. If the water in the box is allowed to escape, the ice crystals collect evenly around the fish, cooling it for up to several days. Due to the fact that it can be pumped, StreamIce can be easily supplied to the point of use by a corresponding system: laborious shovelling is no longer required.


All machines are available as:

  • compact machines
  • individual units with separate condenser
  • ice machines without cooling units for connection to an existing cooling system



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