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Sauna & Spa

Which machine size?

Machine size

The machine size is determined by several key data:
The size of your ice basin, the purpose of use, your opening times and number of guests, whether ice is used during a sauna infusion, etc. We would appreciate to assist you selecting the right model and accessories.


From our experience and for a rough calculation :


Fitness studios / smaller hotels / smaller thermal baths usually require between 70 kg (ZBE 70) and 150 kg (ZBE 150)  ice per day. 

Larger hotels / larger thermal baths mostly use between 250 kg ZBE 250 and 350 kg ZBE 350 ice per day. 


Machine cooling

Our machines can be delivered as aircooled or water-cooled models, with different options of each. By this we can give the best solution to the most difficult requirements.


We will be happy to find the ideal solution for you and are looking forward to your inquiries


Options and accessories

  • Water-cooled ice machines
    for high ambient temperatures
  • Remote installation
    of the ice machine and refrigeration unit
  • HygienePlus - Water drain
    automatic water drain when ice production stopped
  • HygienePlus - Flushing system
    automatic flushing of the water circuit at any chosen time
  • HygienePlus -  Flushing with disinfection
    automatic flushing with disinfection of the water circuit at preset times
  • UV sterilisation
    reliable sterilisation of the supplied water
  • Cartridge water filter
    to fight limescale and for fine filtering of the water supply
  • Leak water sensor & water recipient
    to prevent potential water damage in cases where the machine is installed in a suspended ceiling.


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