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Expertise / Ice types ZIEGRA ice machines:

Where ice meets intelligent systems


Ziegra offers industrial ice machines which make the best types of ice:

  • Chip ice  - a typical ZIEGRA speciality
  • Nugget ice - the special ice
  • StreamIce® - liquid ice that can be pumped 
  • Flake ice - an alternative
  • Block ice - as ice factory on request 

We can advise you independently on the type of ice best suited to your application.
And we have solutions for every need: from the smallest amount of ice from a small space-saving  ice machine to large industrial production units, even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

In addition, we are your experts for ice production with natural refrigerants, such as CO2 (R744) and propane (R290).


ZIEGRA Eismaschinen GmbH

Sattlerstr. 5
D-30916 Isernhagen

Phone:  +49 (0)511 90 244 0
Telefax: +49 (0)511 90 244 90



Cooling should be refreshing, gentle, soothing, caring whether on products, in processes or on people. Our world needs to be treated with care – which is best achieved using natural and environmentally-friendly methods but without compromising performance. Exactly how Ice is made when produced by machines from the new ZIEGRA CoolNat series.



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