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Hygienic ice production from ZIEGRA

"Hygienic design" for maximum ice hygiene


THE BENEFITS of ZIEGRA ice machines: 

EU legislation considers water and ice being food and ice producers are responsible for complying with the applicable hygiene regulations. Due to its "Hygienic Design" of our ice machines, along with practical advice ZIEGRA provides the means to meet the prescriptions of ice hygiene.
Germs, lime scale and minerals can nevertheless get into the machine and may increase growth of bacteria by stagnant water in water supply, or in the machine (when ice production has been switched off).

THE BENEFITS of ZIEGRA ice machines: 
Closed water circuit A small, sealed water chamber, short pipes and the closed ice cylinder prevent most bacterial contamination.

Higher operational safety and lower maintenance and service costs due to clean water pipes, evaporator surface and valves.

Besides the high quality of our machines and the ice, we specially care for hygience at ZIEGRA.



Hygiene options for your water and your ice machine:

  • Water Filter: With activated carbon, with coarse and fine filters as well as lime stabilizers to actively prevent a breeding ground for germs inside the ice machine, but also to extend its life expectancy.
  • UV disinfection: Germs which get into the machine through the water pipes are killed before ice production starts.
  • HygienePLUS: automatic water drain (always included) to prevent stagnant water at standstill of machine.
  • HygienePLUS: flushing with disinfection for all water conducting parts.
  • HygienePlus Reinigungs- und Desinfektionsspülung für alle wasserführenden Teile.





Machine set-up

Please always consider where the ice machine is installed. When the ice is discharged from the ice cylinder it is exposed to the ambient air which by air circulation also holds external germs. Therefore  the ice machine should be installed in a place as clean as possible. From a hygienic point of view storage or garbage rooms, and places in the vicinity of transport paths are not appropriate, whereas processing rooms and cooling rooms with organic products are suitable only to a limited extend.
Please ask for our special documentation TOP Hygiene with ZIEGRA ice machines for maximum ice hygiene.



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Cooling should be refreshing, gentle, soothing, caring whether on products, in processes or on people. Our world needs to be treated with care – which is best achieved using natural and environmentally-friendly methods but without compromising performance. Exactly how Ice is made when produced by machines from the new ZIEGRA CoolNat series.



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