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Concrete cooling – Ice from ZIEGRA

Building materials efficiently cooled with ice from ZIEGRA



Concrete cooling & ice


  • Chip ice has the ideal ice temperature of -0.5°C
  • Chip ice never freezes together, therefore:
    excellent storage characteristics fast mixing
    and equal cooling at the mixer no lumps formed
  • Equal cooling without salt or other additives in the ice
  • Fast dispersal in mixing processes
    at an equal temperature
  • Minimal investment
  • Fully automatic solutions available
    for ice dosages in the process






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ZIEGRA Eismaschinen GmbH
Sattlerstr. 5
D-30916 Isernhagen

Phone:  +49 (0)511 90 244 0
Telefax: +49 (0)511 90 244 90



Cooling should be refreshing, gentle, soothing, caring whether on products, in processes or on people. Our world needs to be treated with care – which is best achieved using natural and environmentally-friendly methods but without compromising performance. Exactly how Ice is made when produced by machines from the new ZIEGRA CoolNat series.



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